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Landies for Literacy

Joyce Ayoub Phillip co-ordinates thirty-eight MU Literacy and Development groups around the Diocese of Khartoum, an area nearly as big as England. The harsh climate makes the MU Landy essential for getting around and encouraging the groups of women under her care as they catch up on missed schooling.

Joyce explains that many women missed out on education because of poverty, or the long-running civil war when homes and schools were destroyed by the forces of all sides and people spent their childhood in camps for displaced people.

Each group works with a Facilitator, carefully trained as such by MU, who is already a fluent reader. Some groups chose tribal languages, keeping alive their age-old cultures in the modern world. Others chose Arabic enabling them to function effectively in the North African society where they live. Still others chose English, accessing an even wider world.

The learners work on issues close to their daily lives. These include the provision of clean water and sanitation for all, physical security, gender roles, marriage, female genital mutilation, HIV/AID awareness, farming, marketing and human rights.

By learning the three Rs a woman enhances her own and her family's economic position, strengthens their legal and social position, improves their health and enables them all to play their part in "Making Poverty History."


Mothers' Union Diocese of Guildford supports the Mothers' Union Literacy and Development Programme. For more information, click here.