Ride London

My gorgeous girls, Laura who was 30 yesterday and Ellie, completed Ride London 100 miles in 7 hours 48 minutes 53 seconds, carefully avoiding the crashes too.  They hated seeing people hurt but were wonderfully encouraged by the camaraderie.
Somehow they managed to get in the early starting line having met a pro rider on the train in! A great boost for their confidence.  And Sweet Caroline was sung for Laura (as well as the pro) as the starting song.  Laura wore a sash and was well-wished all the way around which made for a very special 30th birthday on the 30th.  The back of the sash reading IT’S MY and the front BIRTHDAY so people approached her called out   It’s My,   It’s My,  It’s My then shouting BIRTHDAY as they passed her.

We met them in Esher at the 80 mile mark and they were really happy – a hug, a drink, a mouthful of sandwich and they were off again hurtling towards London and The Mall to be met by Naomi from MSH.  I hope she has some pictures.
We would have been there but by then were on our way to Chiswick to greet them home before we and a bunch of Laura’s friends met for an evening party in a local pub to celebrate Laura’s birthday (again!)

And they raised 160% of their target for MU – thank you to all those who have supported and sponsored them.  Truly wonderful.

Many thanks again to everyone (the https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Eleanor-Wilson1 page stays open for a few more days I understand and I hope they will upload a few more photos as proof!!).

Happy Summer

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